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Work from beautiful workspaces right in your neighborhood or in another city, where and when you need them. All paid for by your employer.

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Get a budget from your company

Access on-demand to any flexible workspace around the world

Use the budget on your Hopp App to book a desk or a private office

Walk in, get to work, walk out. Hassle-free.

Add your co-working space or share your extra office space for free

Set up your dashboard and list your offers — it’s quick!

Make money by hosting employees of companies who are using Hopp!

Get paid a single monthly invoice & create amazing communities!

Sign your company to Hopp

Assign to each employee a budget

Let them choose the best flexible office to work from.

Pay-as-you-go with one monthly invoice

What’s in for you:

Avoid the downsides of working from home.
Home is not an office!

Use the app to access a global network of flexible
and comfortable workspaces

Find workspaces that match your needs and get inspired by amazing people like you!

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