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Companies using are saving over 50% on their workspace fixed costs.

Try Hybrid Work


  • Free Company Dashboard
  • Invite up to 10 Employees
  • Purchase Credits when needed
  • 20% fee on the number of Credits purchased

Implement and scale Hybrid Work


  • Free Company Dashboard
  • Unlimited Employees invites
  • Define automatic recurring Credit allocations
  • 0% fee on the number of Credits purchased

Pricing – For Companies

How does the free Company Account work?

Creating a Hopp Company Account is free.

Once created, you can access your Company Dashboard and from there invite up to 10 employees and assign credits to let them pay and access our network of flexible workspaces.

So, while using the Hopp platform is free, you will have to buy credits, aka Hopp Coins, for each of your employees. You can buy new credits whenever you need them.

You can create your Hopp Company Account here

What are Hopp Coins?

Our Hopp Coins credit system is the easiest way for workforces to book on-demand coworking and office spaces at scale: some people will use workspaces 2-3 a week, and others 1-2 times a month.

1 Hopp Coin = 1€  –  You can purchase as many Hopp Coins you want, based on the expected use of co-working spaces. Calculate the budget here.

In your Company Dashboard, decide how many Hopp Coins you want to allocate to each of your employees and proceed to checkout. We sum it up and apply a 20% fee as a service cost.

Is there a usage limit to my free Hopp Company Account?

In your Company dashboard, you can invite up to 10 employees for free. To each of them, you can purchase any amount of Hopp Coins and you can make as many top-ups as you want.

When your team runs out of credit, you can top it up as needed from your Company Account.

Why should I switch to the Hopp Subscription?

Subscription is the best way to unlock the full potential of hopp!

Starting at just €20/month/employee, you can add to the dashboard as many team members you want and set monthly Hopp Coins allowance for each of them. At the end of each month, we will deduct the expenses only for the actual usage of workspaces made by your employees.

But most importantly, the 20% service fee on the Hopp Coin top-up drops to 0%. Convenient, easy, hassle-free!

Contact us to create your tailor-made subscription.


I have created my company dashboard. How do I get started?

  • Add a Hopper: invite the members of your team and assign them Hopp Coins to work within our network of co-working spaces around the world.
  • Once you defined the budget of Hopp Coins, you can let your employees decide when it’s the best time for remote work, without having to care about each individual’s access.
  • After you sent the invitations, your employees will receive personal access to the hopp mobile app which will allow them to self-manage the budget assigned and purchase on-demand daily access within our network of workspace partners.
  • TIP: You can start by adding yourself as a Hopper by using your own work email!

What's the difference between the free account and the subscription?

Using a free account, you can add up to 10 users to your dashboard and you have to manually top up each user every time they run out of credit. On the recharged amount, we charge a 20% service fee.

With the subscription, you can add as many users as you want, set monthly Hopp Coins availabilities,  and pay automatically at the end of each month only for the actual usage of workspaces made by your employees. Moreover, the service fee is 0%!

How much does it cost to work a day from a flexible workspace?

Prices for individual coworking or flexible office spaces depend on the city and country. On average, a shared desk in a coworking space in the city center costs between 20 and 30 Hopp Coins per day.

How does the invoicing system work?

Hopp invoicing system is the coolest part! 

We aggregate workspaces so your team can access multiple operators at once. In this way, your Company only deals with one single provider: Hopp!

This results in a single monthly invoice that will include all the accesses made by your employees in different countries and in different workspaces at different times.

Is Hopp available in my country?

We work with the best workspace operators on a global scale to ensure total coverage wherever you want to expand. Tell us what city you need workspaces in and we’ll find them for you!

We design the network around where your distributed team requires space by cooperating with the majority of flexible workspace operators around the globe and we ensure to always match your employees with the right work community and environment.