We make collaboration happen in person. Anywhere.

Empower your distributed workforce to access on-demand a global network of flexible office spaces, to meet and work where needed with a single membership.

Work from home is outdated – Say hello to a new balance between office life and remote working!

Sign your company to Hopp for free and invite your team members

Assign to each employee a budget, based on your own hybrid work policy.

Your team will use the budget to find and book flexible workspaces when they are not working from your HQ.

Pay only for the actual usage of the workspaces made by your staff with one monthly invoice.

Get a budget from your company

Get worldwide on-demand access to any flexible workspace

Use the budget on your Hopp App to book a desk or a private office

Walk in, get to work, walk out. Hassle-free.

Add your co-working space or share your extra office space for free

Set up your dashboard and list your offers — it’s quick!

Make money by hosting employees of companies who are using Hopp!

Get paid a single monthly invoice & create amazing communities!

One dashboard, one app, one invoice.

Manage your distributed team from your dashboard, set spending limits, and get one single monthly invoice.

With our dedicated app, your staff gets on-demand access to a curated network of private and shared office spaces built around their needs.

Goodbye unflexible, long-term office leasings!

Access any workspace without the hassle of managing multiple contracts.

Reduce lease liabilities and costs while accurately predicting budgets.

Expand your talent pool and reduce geographic barriers.

Execute data-driven growing strategies based on employee satisfaction and preferred locations.

Happier teams, reduced costs, stronger culture.

We are building a global network of coworking spaces and flexible offices to keep your employees inspired and engaged and make sure always to find their perfect workplace match, wherever they are based.

Do you have extra office space? Share it and earn money!

The ultimate workplace benefit

for companies that put their teams first.

Distractions and isolation of working from home affect your team’s productivity
Don’t waste money to lease office space people won’t use
Let your remote workers enjoy their local community and save on commuting time
Give employees multiple workspace options and pay for the actual usage

We are building the next office space sharing economy

Better cities, better communities, better life. Our goal at Hopp is to offer the digital infrastructure that will allow citizens to cut down on their commutes and optimize how they move around cities. Ready to embrace this mission with us?

Are you an employee?

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