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In January 2022, Hopp raised the first pre-seed investment to solve businesses’ hybrid work challenges in a 5 trillion dollar market. 

Technology has changed the way the world works. It’s time we rethink how we use office space around, meeting the evolving needs of the most important part of a business – people. Hopp is creating a world where people are able to work where is best for them, based on their preferences, what tasks they need to complete, who they need to complete them with, and what fits around what else they have going on in their life. In short: we help people be happier and more fulfilled in the places they work.

Improving the lives of millions of remote working employees means entering a flexible office space market that is globally worth 5 trillion. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2030, 30% of global office real estate will be turned into flexible office space. Our mission is to empower companies to embrace true hybrid working, enabling their employees to work from suitable, inspiring flexible workspaces when and where is needed and avoiding the downsides of working from home. 

What recently happened:

In January 2022, Hopp UG, a German-based and Italian-led start-up supporting companies in their transition to hybrid work, was selected for LUISS Enlabs, LVenture Group’s own acceleration Program, and raised its first pre-seed investment.

LVenture Group is a leading Italian VC investing in digital startups with high growth potential and globally scalable businesses, and a track record of more than 130 accelerated startups for a global value exceeding 125M EUR in investments. The pre-seed round determined the repatriation of Hopp’s founding team and the establishment of the Italian subsidiary Hopp Italia SRL.

With the support of LVenture Group and the LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program, in March 2022 a brand new platform has been launched:

“Our platform enables distributed teams to manage a monthly budget provided by the employer and get instant access to a global network of flexible offices where and when is needed. This means offering every individual a balance between work-from-home, work-near-home, and occasional visits to downsized companies’ HQs” 

In a future where the office real estate market will consist of smaller and more densely utilized buildings capable of hosting many smaller serviced offices, plays a key role. We provide businesses with a tool to easily manage this new mix of solutions: on one hand, companies can give their people the freedom to work within 15 minutes of their homes and drastically reduce commuting. On the other hand, companies that have extra or unused office space can list it on and turn it into a coworking space in minutes. A smart way to increase revenues and use 100% of real estate, creating de facto a new office space sharing economy.

In its first two months, has already collected customers from different industries including startups, SMEs, and corporates, providing access to a worldwide network of +500 flexible workspaces, including Talent Garden, Wojo, and The Office Group. is now ready for its seed round which will be announced in June


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From left to right: Alberto Nicòtina, Carlo Ciliberto, Diego Buonanno, Marco Barion


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