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Today, we will present you one of the jewels in Hopps Network: A women-focused coworking space with childcare on-site in Berlin Friedrichshain.
Work’n’Kid’s founder and managing team describe her coworking concept as a small, authentic and family-friendly place. It fills a need for women and parents who want to work in a professional setting while being able to book childcare.

Why it matters: Parents are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Many women dropped out of the workforce because of caregiving needs. Furthermore, according to a study reported by Axios, women are also more likely to prefer the flexibility of remote work.

Dogs are welcome at nearly half of Europe’s coworking spaces, but unfortunately, there aren’t many coworking operators offering flexible childcare services alongside their standard desk and office memberships. 

One of the reasons is the general lack of public investment in child care facilities, and another one is the availability and prices of private creches. 

Exploring workspaces: Work’n’Kid – Berlin is calling its concept Work-Child-Balance

The concept combines work and childcare in a win-win situation for everyone: children, parents, friends and company. And did you know that Coworking and childcare are tax-deductible? Childcare costs could also be reimbursed by the youth welfare office or employer if there is no daycare.
But let’s have a look at their fantastic community – Following topics that are important to the team:

  • Compatibility – Supporting parents in different phases of life and work models, whether new work or remote or under challenge during parental leave.
  • Individuality and flexibility – Offering room for individual needs doesn’t matter if it’s your work style or scaling prices.
  • Children and pedagogy – Following the Montessori and a situational approach, but even more to the personal experiences of the caregivers and the needs of the children. The children are lovingly cared for by experienced caregivers close to the parents and are age-appropriate support.
  • Network – Cooperating and exchanging as a win-win for everyone, e.g. through community events and meet-ups with like-minded people. 

Coworking spaces are fast becoming popular among companies, providing flexible working conditions and childcare facilities. They care equally for both mothers and fathers and do not want to follow old role models. They represent a place where you can connect with like-minded people from different professions who are more than “just” parents.

We are proud to announce that Work’n’Kid is one of them

Ready to book a seat?

Carlo Ciliberto

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